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​Tough Issues Will Require You To Have The Right Information
LISEC Offers On-Going Educational Support
The Long Island Senior Education Council provides educational information, resources and referral services to help retirees and those hoping to retire. We understand that providing the right information that relates to your particular situation is key. Our team of advocates, planners and healthcare coordinators are dedicated to educate retirees on how they can afford healthcare, preserve assets and pay less taxes.

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Getting answers to your questions can seem difficult at times.  LISEC invites you to read our articles and call us with your questions.

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            Medicare, Medicaid,  Taxes

           How the Economy is Really Doing
LISEC Resources
As a 501(c)3 learning and resource organization, LISEC does not solicit.  Our mission is to offer information and resources to help you make informed decisions. 

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            Medicaid Checklist for Caregivers

130 Orinoco Drive
​Brightwaters, New York 11718

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How The Economy
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